WNT-5a,Mouse产品介绍: WNT-5a,Mouse 100µg 生长分化因子


wnt信号转导通路因其启动蛋白为Wnt蛋白而得名,在胚胎发育、细胞增殖及分化等方面发挥重要作用,其异常活化与人类多种肿瘤的发生密切相关。研究显 示,Wnt信号至少存在经典和非经典两条不同的信号通路,而Wnt-5a属于非经典Wnt信号通路,既往研究Ror2具有Wnt受体结构域样结构。有研究 认为Wnt-5a经由Ror2介导的 信号通路发挥作用。
Mouse WNT-5a蛋白含有356个氨基酸残基。


WNT-5a,Mouse 产品特性:
» WNT-5a,Mouse活性在共转Frizzled- 4 和 LRP- 5基因的HEK293 细胞TCF报告鉴定,纯度高
» 生物活性在共转Frizzled- 4 和 LRP- 5基因的HEK293 细胞鉴定
» WNT-5a,Mouse产品经过SDS-PAGE 和HPLC双层鉴定纯度大于85%


WNT-5a belongs to the class of WNT proteins that activate the “noncanonical” pathway. The predicted size of mouse WNT-5a is a monomeric protein containing 356 amino acid residues. Due to glycosylation, it migrates at an apparent molecular weight of ~45 kDa by SDS-PAGE analysis under non-reducing conditions. StemRD’s product is expressed from a mouse cell line, and purified with a proprietary process that is distinct from the published method.

Purity: Greater than 85% as determined by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis
Biological Activity: The activity was determined by using a TCF reporter gene assay in 293 cells co-transfected with Frizzled-4 and LRP-5. WNT-5a activates (instead of inhibits) the TCF reporter gene in this assay (Milkels AJ, et al., PLoS Biol, 4:e115, 2006). This activation mode is utilized because activation assays are generally more reliable than inhibition assays, as they are less prone to any non-specific inhibitory contamination in the preparation.

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Humans.