_WNT-3a,Mouse 5µg 生长分化因子


WNT-3a,Mouse 产品介绍:
wnt通路是细胞增殖分化的关键调控环节, 在胚胎发育和肿瘤发生中起着重要作用。wnt途径参与了基因表达调节、 细胞迁移粘附、细胞极化等过程,同时还与其它信号通路存在交叉协同。Wnt/β-catenin通路在进化过程中高度保守,此通路的主要分子构成及相关调 控机制已得到基本阐明。对神经系统而言已有足够证据显示此通路参与了对神经前体细胞增殖, 分化以及决定细胞命运的调控。
Wnt-3a是Wnt基因家族中重要成员,zui近的一些研究发现, Wnt-3a信号蛋白对神经干细胞的定向分化的调控作用表现的十分明显。小鼠WNT-3a蛋白包含328个氨基酸。

» WNT-3a,Mouse活性经过NIH 3T3 细胞鉴定,纯度高
» 生物活性在NIH 3T3 细胞经过TCF报告基因实验鉴定The EC50为 50–150 ng/ml
» WNT-3a,Mouse产品经过SDS-PAGE 和HPLC双层鉴定纯度大于90%
» 只限于研究,非人体使用

WNT-3a,Mouse 产品英文简述:
WNT-3a is a member of the WNT family of signaling proteins that play a key role in embryonic development and the integrity of adult tissues. WNT-3a is a prototypic canonical WNT that signals through the β-catenin pathway. The predicted size of mouse WNT-3a is a monomeric protein containing 333 amino acid residues. Due to glycosylation, it migrates at an apparent molecular weight of 40 kDa by SDS-PAGE analysis under nonreducing conditions. StemRD’s product is expressed from a mouse cell line overexpressing mouse WNT-3a. Purification is performed with a proprietary process that is distinct from the published method.

Purity: Greater than 90% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis
Biological Activity: The activity was determined by using a TCF reporter gene assay in NIH3T3 cells. The EC50 ranges from 50 – 150 ng/ml. Country of Origin USA