ALK-5 产品英文简述: ALK-5 Inhibitor 50mg TGF-β家族

产品英文名称:ALK-5 Inhibitor
产品中文名称:ALK-5 抑制剂


ALK-5 产品英文简述:
A selective inhibitor of ALK5 (TGF-beta type I receptor). It has also been shown that this compound can replace Sox2 when reprogramming cells to iPS cells. 2-(3-(6-METHYLPYRIDIN-2-YL)-1H-PYRAZOL-4-YL)-1,5-NAPHTHYRIDINE

Ref: Gellibert, F., et al. (2004) Identification of 1, 5-naphthyridine derivatives as a novel series of potent and selective TGF-beta type I receptor inhibitors. J Med Chem 47: 4494-4506. Ichida, J.K., et al. (2009) A small-molecule inhibitor of Tgf-beta signaling replaces Sox2 in reprogramming by inducing Nanog. Cell Stem Cell 5: 491-503

Purity: Greater than 98% as determined by LC/MS analysis. LC/MS and/or NMR data available upon request.
Biological Activity :Not determined.