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100 columns



Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Columns, supplied with the Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit, have been custom designed to deliver excellent performance for your plasmid purification. Monarch Columns are designed without a frit (which is commonly used in purification columns to hold the membrane in place), eliminating buffer retention and the risk of carry-over contamination. The tapered design of the Miniprep Column enables elution in as little as 30 μl. Monarch columns use less plastic than conventional columns, reducing their environmental footprint without compromising performance. The columns fit snugly into the collection tubes to enable easy handling. The Monarch Miniprep Columns also feature a convenient tab so that you can label your columns easily without removing them from your tube rack. Monarch columns are suitable for use with centrifugation and vacuum purification protocols. 

Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Column Design

NEB代理 , 核酸纯化 , 质粒小提

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  • Optimize your results with our unique column design
  • Enhance your DNA purification experience
  • Feel good about choosing Monarch
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  • No buffer retention/risk of carryover contamination
  • Low elution volume (≥ 30 μl)
  • Convenient tab for easy labeling
  • Snug fit into collection tubes for easy handling
  • Made with less plastic than conventional columns


Properties and Usage

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Binding Capacity

20 µg