SUMIPAX NH2 S-05 series,日本住友化学代理

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SUMIPAX NH2 S-05 series

Aminopropyl columns

The SUMIPAX NH2 S-05 series is columns for which high pure silica gel chemical bound with aminopropyl group is pressure filled as the packing materials. Usable for both normal phase and reversed phase systems, they are usually applied for analysis of sugars, nucleic acids, and vitamins.

SUMIPAX NH2 S-05 series

Product specification

Product name
Separation mode Functional group Particle size
Pore size
Main target compounds
NH2 S-05 series Normal and reversed phase NH2 5 120 Sugar, nucleic acids, vitamin



SUMIPAX NH2 S-05 series

Particle size
Product name
Internal diameter
Product code
5 NH2 S-05-4015 4 150 AS205-4015W
NH2 S-05-4025 250 AS205-4025W
NH2 S-05-4615 4.6 150 AS205-4615W
SIL S-05-4625 250 AS205-4625W
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