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Protein labeling buffer (with THPTA), 1.5x

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Catalytic buffer is suitable for coupling of azide- or alkyne-modified protein with alkyne- or azide- bearing dye via Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC). THPTA ligand accelerates the reaction rate due to the stabilization of a catalytically active Cu (I). Moreover, the presence of water-soluble THPTA allows the protein labeling to be run in aqueous solution and, by chelating free copper, minimizes the generation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and undesired damage of proteins. Aminoguanidine prevents connections of reactive aldehydes, which are products of dehydroascorbate hydrolysis, with arginine, N-terminal cysteine, and lysine side-chains. Ready-to-use 1.5x buffer provides all the necessary reagents to perform the CuAAC reaction, except a reagent for the reduction of Cu (II) into catalytically active Cu (I). As a reducing agent we recommend ascorbic acid.

Buffer composition: Cu (II), triethylammonium acetate buffer pH 6.8, THPTA ligand, aminoguanidine

催化缓冲液适用于通过 Cu(I) 催化的叠氮化物-炔烃环加成 (CuAAC) 将叠氮化物或炔烃修饰的蛋白质与带有炔烃或叠氮化物的染料偶联。 THPTA 配体由于催化活性 Cu (I) 的稳定性而加快了反应速率。 此外,水溶性 THPTA 的存在允许蛋白质标记在水溶液中运行,并通过螯合游离铜,最大限度地减少 ROS(活性氧)的产生和蛋白质的不良损伤。 氨基胍可防止反应性醛(脱氢抗坏血酸水解产物)与精氨酸、N 末端半胱氨酸和赖氨酸侧链连接。 即用型 1.5x 缓冲液提供执行 CuAAC 反应所需的所有试剂,但用于将 Cu (II) 还原为催化活性 Cu (I) 的试剂除外。 作为还原剂,我们推荐使用抗坏血酸。

缓冲液成分:Cu (II)、醋酸三乙铵缓冲液 pH 6.8、THPTA 配体、氨基胍

Protein labeling buffer (with THPTA), 1.5x Protein labeling buffer (with THPTA), 1.5x Protein labeling buffer (with THPTA), 1.5x

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Water soluble, heterobifunctional hydrophilic linker with a length of 14 Å, containing maleimide for thiol labeling, and alkyne for Click chemistry. An ideal reagent to attach an alkyne moiety to a protein.

水溶性异双功能亲水接头,长度为 14 Å,包含用于硫醇标记的马来酰亚胺和用于 Click 化学的炔烃。 将炔烃部分连接到蛋白质上的理想试剂。

Alkyne NHS ester (hexynoic acid NHS ester)

Alkyne NHS ester for the labeling of biomolecules with alkyne group for Copper catalyzed Click chemistry.

炔烃 NHS 酯,用于标记具有炔烃基团的生物分子,用于铜催化的点击化学。

AmdU (5-azidomethyl-2′-deoxyuridine)

Azidomethyldeoxyuridine (AmdU) is an azide containing nucleoside that is incorporated into nascent DNA by cellular polymerases. The azide groups attached to DNA this way can be subsequently modified with alkynes or cycloalkynes via copper-catalyzed or strain promoted Click chemistry.

叠氮甲基脱氧尿苷 (AmdU) 是一种含有核苷的叠氮化物,可通过细胞聚合酶整合到新生 DNA 中。 以这种方式连接到 DNA 上的叠氮基可以随后通过铜催化或应变促进的点击化学被炔烃或环炔烃修饰。

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