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标签:Azides, PEG3 (triethylene glycol), Halogenides, Iodides
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Iodo-PEG3-Azide contains a highly reactive iodide functional group which can alkylate a variety of C-, O-, N-, S-centered and other nucleophiles.

Organic iodides are roughly an order of magnitude more active than bromides, and four orders of magnitude more active than chlorides in SN2 reactions. This means that the same alkylation will take 10x less time with iodide than with bromide. Therefore, this molecule helps to effect very fast alkylation.

PEG3 is a moderately long hydrophilic linker. The azide group participates in Click chemistry reactions. It is also easily reduced to an amine group.

Iodo-PEG3-Azide 含有一个高反应性的碘化物官能团,可以烷基化各种 C-、O-、N-、S-中心和其他亲核试剂。

在 SN2 反应中,有机碘化物的活性大约比溴化物高一个数量级,比氯化物高四个数量级。 这意味着使用碘化物进行相同的烷基化反应所需的时间比使用溴化物的时间少 10 倍。 因此,这种分子有助于实现非常快速的烷基化。

PEG3 是中等长度的亲水接头。 叠氮基参与点击化学反应。 它也很容易被还原为胺基。


Sulfo-Cyanine5 tetrazine

Water soluble Cyanine dye tetrazine derivative for TCO ligation with trans-cyclooctenes and other strained olefines.

水溶性花青染料四嗪衍生物,用于与反式环辛烯和其他应变烯烃的 TCO 连接。


PEG3 tetrazine is a mono-reactive triethyleneglycol with a tetrazine group for ied-DA conjugation with strained olefins.

PEG3 四嗪是一种具有四嗪基团的单反应性三甘醇,用于与应变烯烃的 ied-DA 缀合。


A bifunctional compound containing carboxylic acid functional group, and iodide, an active halogen group.


General properties

Appearance: colorless to yellow oil 无色至黄色油状物
Molecular weight: 285.08
CAS number: 1309457-01-9
Molecular formula: C6H12N3IO2
IUPAC name: 1-(2-azidoethoxy)-2-(2-iodoethoxy)ethane
Solubility: soluble in water, polar organic solvents
Quality control: NMR 1H, GC-MS (95%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 24 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Desiccate.

储存:收到后 24 个月,在 -20°C 避光保存。 运输:在室温下长达 3 周。 干燥。

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