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SiliaChrom dt C18 is a universal column compatible with 100 % aqueous conditions. It shows good peak shapes for any type of molecules (acidic, neutral, basic). The ultra pure metal-free silica allows high sensitivity for LC/MS applications. SiliaChrom dt C18 columns are available in 3, 5 & 10 um.
SiliaChrom dt C18 Main Characteristics:

Compatible with 100 % aqueous and 100 % organic mobile phases
Ultra pure metal-free silica (99.999 % purity)
High sensitivity for LC/MS applications
Enhanced retention of hydrophilic compounds
Inertness for acidic and basic analytes

Additional Information

Particle Shape

dt C18

Family / Formats
SiliaChrom (HPLC Columns)

Particle Size
10 um

Pore Size
100 Å

Chromatographic Mode
Reversed Phases

USP Code