silicycle上海金畔官网,silicycle色谱柱,10 um, 100 Å (HPL-S38007E-A)


SiliaChrom Plus Cyano columns can be used both in normal and reversed-phase. Less polar than silica, they will help retain organic compounds with intermediate to extreme polarity. Whether you need to analyse carbohydrates, glycosides, cyclosporine or any other carboxyl / carbonyl / amine containing molecules, SiliaChrom Plus Cyano is a good choice.
We guarantee:

Ultra pure metal-free silica (99.9999 % purity)
High column performance and resolution
Enhanced batch-to-batch reproducibility
Extended column lifetime
Reduced silanol activity, better peak symmetry
Extremely low bleeding for LC/MS applications
Easy scale-up to preparative formats

Additional Information

Particle Shape


Family / Formats
SiliaChrom? (HPLC Columns)

Particle Size
10 um

Pore Size
100 Å

Chromatographic Mode
Normal Phases, Reversed Phases

USP Code