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SiliaChrom Plus C18-300 columns will help you with your larger analytes. The 300 Å porosity allows to analyze and purify polar as well as non-polar proteins greater than 10,000 Dalton.
We guarantee:

Ultra pure metal-free silica (99.9999 % purity)
High column performance and resolution
Enhanced batch-to-batch reproducibility
Extended column lifetime
Reduced silanol activity, better peak symmetry
Extremely low bleeding for LC/MS applications
Easy scale-up to preparative formats

Additional Information

Particle Shape


Family / Formats
SiliaChrom (HPLC Columns)

Particle Size
3 um

Pore Size
300 Å

Chromatographic Mode
Reversed Phases

USP Code

silicycle上海金畔官网,HPLC Columns,SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns, C18, 3 um, 300 Å (HPL-S03203M)