Anti Drosophila FACT Complex Subunit Spt16 (dSPT16/DRE4) pAb (Rabbit, Antiserum),CAC-NIG-L1-SHA2

Application: IP, ChIP, ELISA, IHC, WB

Clonality: Polyclonal

Host: Rabbit

Purification: Serum

Reactivity: Drosophila

FACT (Facilitates Chromatin Transcription) is a protein complex involved in chromatin remodeling and comprises two subunits, SSRP1 and SPT16. A recent Drosophila study suggested that FACT forms a complex with a DNA binding protein, GAGA factor, to regulate sequence-specific changes in chromatin structure. SSRP1 and SPT16 have come to be noted as important new factors linking FACT and GAGA factors.

dSPT16 is the Drosophila ortholog of SPT16. Studies hve revealed that dSPT16 facilitates various chromatin transactions such as transcriptional regulation, DNA replication and histone replacement. This antibody against dSPT16 is a powerful tool for Western blots (Ref.1), immunostaining (Ref.2), immunoprecipitation and chromatin immunopreciptation (Ref.1,2,3).

Source: Dr. Susumu Hirose, National Institute of Genetics

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