Cosmo Bio抗体,CAC-CTB-LC3-2-IC

LC3是哺乳动物自噬体标记物。立即被Atg4裂解形成LC3-I,自噬诱导后,磷脂酰乙醇胺与LC3-I c端甘氨酸共价连接形成LC3-II。LC3-II是膜结合的,被认为存在于自噬体膜中。由于自噬体通过与溶酶体融合而降解,LC3-II本身也通过自噬降解。因此,一般认为LC3-II的数量与自噬体的数量有很好的相关性。该抗体在ICC和免疫电镜实验中表现良好。

Cosmo Bio抗体,Anti Microtubule-Associated Proteins 1A/1B Light Chain 3A (MAP1LC3A/LC3) mAb,CAC-CTB-LC3-2-IC

Application: ICC, IEM, IF

Clonality: Monoclonal

Host: Mouse

Purification: Ig-PG

Reactivity: Mouse, Human

LC3 is a mammalian autophagosome marker. It is immediately cleaved to form LC3-I by Atg4, and when autophagy is induced, phosphatidylethanolamine is covalently linked to LC3-I C-terminal glycine to form LC3-II. LC3-II is membrane-bound and thought to be present in autophagosomal membranes. Since autophagosomes are degraded by fusion with lysosomes, LC3-II itself is also degraded by autophagy. Therefore, it is generally accepted that the amount of LC3-II correlates well with the amount of autophagosomes. This antibody shows good results in ICC and Immunoelectron microscopy experiments.