NEB代理 , 用于二代测序的 NEBNext® 试剂 , 适用于所有测序平台/模块和酶

产品资料 – 用于二代测序的 NEBNext® 试剂 – 适用于所有测序平台/模块和酶

NEBNext 加 dA 尾模块                             

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The NEBNext® dA-Tailing Module enables incorporation of a non-templated dAMP on the 3´ end of a blunt-ended DNA fragment. The module is optimized for use with the NEBNext dA-Tailing Module (NEB #E6053), and is part of the original standard DNA library prep workflow, which is suitable for 1 – 5 µg of input DNA.

NEBNext 加 dA 尾模块组份

 Klenow Fragment (3´→ 5´ exo)

 NEBNext dA-Tailing Reaction Buffer



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