NEB代理 , 核酸纯化 , 基因组DNA提取

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Monarch® gDNA Nuclei Prep & Lysis Buffer Pack                             

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1 Pack (15.6 ml of each)


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 NEB代理 , 核酸纯化 , 基因组DNA提取

Product Information

 The Monarch gDNA Nuclei Prep & Lysis Buffer Pack contains two lysis buffers used in the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kit for Cells & Blood (NEB #T3050). The Nuclei Prep Buffer is a mild lysis buffer used first to lyse the cell membrane and release the contents of the cytoplasm while the nuclei are kept intact. It is used pre-mixed with the RNase A enzyme included in the kit. After the RNA from the cytoplasm is digested by RNase A, the Nuclei Lysis Buffer, pre-mixed with the included Proteinase K, is used to lyse the nuclei and release the HMW genomic DNA. This two-step lysis ensures that RNA in the cytoplasm is effectively degraded before the viscous genomic DNA from the nuclei is released. 20 ml of each buffer is included in this buffer pack. The Nuclei Prep Buffer is used chilled to 4°C, and it can be stored at 4°C for convenience if desired.

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