NEB代理 , DNA修饰酶与克隆技术 , 核酸酶,核酸消化混合液#M0649S

产品资料 – DNA修饰酶与克隆技术 – 核酸酶


#M0649S 50 reactions


  Convenient one-step protocol
  Digests both DNA and RNA to single nucleosides
  Low-glycerol formulation significantly reduces glycerol-induced ion suppression during MS analysis


核苷消化混合液是复合酶,能一步将 DNA 或 RNA 消化成单核苷,省去了多步耗时的消化步骤,特别适用于液相色谱-质谱(LC-MS)定量分析。


1X Nucleoside Digestion Mix Reaction Buffer.   Incubate at 37°C.




1.  Dilution of the Nucleoside Digestion mix may result in a decrease of enzymatic activity and incomplete

digestion of substrate. Therefore, we recommend using 1 µL of the Nucleoside Digestion Mix for

digestion of samples containing < 1 µg of DNA or RNA substrate.
2.  Samples containing a large number of modifications (particularly modifications at the ribose 2´-position)

may benefit from overnight incubation with the Nucleoside Digestion Mix in order to achieve complete

digestion. No signal deterioration has been observed by incubating DNA or RNA samples with the

Nucleoside Digestion Mix for up to 24 hours at 37°C. Alternatively, the ratio of Nucleoside Digestion

Mix:nucleic acid may be increased from 1 μl/μg substrate to 5-10 μl/μg substrate to ensure complete

3.  Although it is not necessary to stop the reaction prior to LC-MS, the mix can be inactivated by the

addition of EDTA (5 mM, final concentration).
4.  In order to reduce the ion suppression effects of glycerol, the Nucleoside Digestion Mix has been

formulated to contain very little glycerol (<1%) and therefore the mix will freeze when stored at -20°C.

The mix is stable for >2 years when stored at -20°C and can withstand 50 freeze-thaw cycles without

significant activity loss.
5.  As carryover of certain reaction components (e.g., EDTA, detergents, etc) from upstream steps may

result in incomplete digestion, it is highly recommended that DNA or RNA substrates be purified

(column purification/phenol chloroform extraction) before digestion with the Nucleoside Digestion