Chiral Phases


Chiral Phases

 Chiral Phases

Supelco’s HPLC chiral stationary phases (CSPs) cover a broad range of chemistries, enantioselectivity and application focus. In particular, the unique, proprietary Astec CHIROBIOTIC and Astec CYCLOBOND phases are useful for chiral method development. In addition to analytical chiral HPLC separations, these phases are suitable for preparative chiral separations, SFC and SMB applications.


The CHIROBIOTIC family comprises highly enantioselective chiral HPLC stationary phases based on naturally occurring macrocyclic glycopeptides that have been bonded through multiple covalent linkages to high purity silica particles. CHIROBIOTIC CSPs can be used with both aqueous and non-aqueous mobile phases and are suitable for LC-MS separation of ionisable enantiomers, as well as neutral molecules.

CHIROBIOTIC phase specifications

CHIROBIOTIC phase Chiral selector Particle size (um) Pore size (A) pH range
 V and V2  Vancomycin 5,10 100 (V), 200 (V2) 3.5 – 7.0
 T and T2  Teicoplanin 5,10 100 (T), 200 (T2) 3.8 – 6.8
 TAG Teicoplanin aglycone 5,10 100 3.0 – 6.8
 R Ristocetin A 5,10 100 3.5 – 6.8



The CYCLOBOND range includes a number of phases in which a native or derivatised cyclodextrin is bonded to high purity silica through a stable ether linkage. These stationary phases have the ability to form inclusion complexes, and allow for chemical separations by selectively including a wide variety of organic molecules from solution into the cyclodextrin cavity.


  • The CYCLOBOND l 2000 series includes native beta-cyclodextrin and seven beta-cyclodextrin derivatives. All phases in this series conform to the USP code L45.
  •  The CYCLOBOND ll series are gamma-cyclodextrin bonded phases. These chiral selectors are suitable for multi-ring structures such as those based on anthracene, chrysene or pyrene.


 CYCLOBOND phase specifications

CYCLOBOND Phase Chiral Selector Particle size (um) Pore size (A) pH Range
CYCLOBOND l 2000 Native beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 AC Acetylated beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 DM Dimethylated beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 DMP Dimethylphenyl beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 DNP Dinitrophenyl beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 HP-RSP* R,S-Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7 
CYCLOBOND l 2000 RSP R,S-Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND l 2000 SP S-Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND ll Native gamma-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7
CYCLOBOND ll AC Acetyl gamma-cyclodextrin 5,10 100 3 – 7

* High Performance


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