MicroSolv Cogent Diol™ and Cogent UDA™


MicroSolv Cogent Diol™ and Cogent UDA™

MicroSolv Cogent Diol™ and Cogent UDA™

Cogent Diol

is the latest addition to the MicroSolv TYPE-C Silica™ range of stationary phases. This 4mm diol bonded phase is suitable for the reversed-phase or aqueous normal-phase (ANP) analysis of polar compounds and is LC-MS compatible.

Columns show fast equilibration between gradient runs and can be successfully used in studies of pathways in human pathology.

Cogent UDA

is a new unique selectivity phase based on MicroSolv’s TYPE-C Silica and silica hydride surface chemistry. This silica hydride surface is bonded with an eleven carbon chain terminating in a carboxylic acid (undecanoic acid), giving the phase weak cation-exchange properties in addition to aqueous normal-phase (ANP). All the features and benefits of TYPE-C Silica, such as fast equilibration, precision, multi-mode and robust column-lifetime are maintained.

The Cogent UDA columns have applications in metabolomics and have been used for the analysis of nucleotides.

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