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    This E. coli HCP 2nd Generation ELISA Kit, Item Number F1020, will be replacing the current E. coli HCP ELISA Kit, Item Number F410. Cygnus has manufactured, characterized, and qualified large pools of the new reagents that will replace the current reagents. The antibodies were generated against and affinity purified using mild lysate from a number of widely used E. coli strains, the same way as the original critical reagents in the F410 Kit. The coverage of the new antibodies to the E. coli HCP antigen was determined to be ~87-88% by Antibody Affinity Extraction with Mass Spectrometry (AAE-MS). More importantly, Cygnus Technologies has demonstrated the equivalency of the new antibodies (F1022-AF) in the E. coli HCP ELISA, 2G (F1020) using a panel of E. coli samples from a number of independent biomanufacturing processes. This new Cygnus Technologies’ E. coli HCP ELISA Kit, 2G provides the specificity and sensitivity (LOD ~0.3 ng/ml, LLOQ ~3 ng/ml) to detect HCPs with reproducibility that supports regulatory compliance, aiding in optimal purification process development, process control, routine quality control, and product release testing. Please use Sample Diluent, Item No. I028, with these kits; available separately.

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    Product Information

    Product Type:
    ELISA Kit

    2°C to 8°C

    Target Expression System:
    E. coli

    Species Group:

    E. coli

    Assay format:
    96 Well Plate

    Time to result:
    ~2 hrs. 20 min

    0.3 ng/mL

    ~ 3 ng/mL

    Recommended Diluent:

    Product Insert

    F1020 E. coli 2G HCP ELISA_PI

    Kit Components

    Stop Solution
    TBS Wash Concentrate, 20X
    TMB Substrate for ELISA
    E. coli HCP Standards Set 2G, A-H
    Anti-E. coli:HRP Conjugate, 2G
    Anti-E. coli coated microtiter strips, 2G

    Supporting Documents

    Request a Qualification summary
    Request a Certificate of Analysis


    Custom Antibody & Assay Development

    Assay Qualification

    Orthogonal Coverage Analysis by AAE™


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