Gyrolab® 的核酸内切酶 GTP® 检测试剂套装G960,Cygnus ELISA 试剂盒 G960


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EndonucleaseGTP® Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab® is designed for determining the presence of endonuclease impurities in recombinant vaccine and viral vector products. This Reagent Set should be used in conjunction with a Gyrolab® Bioaffy™ 1000 HC Assay Toolbox available from Gyros Protein Technologies.This simple-to-use and high-throughput assay is a method to aid in optimal purification process development, process control, routine quality control, and product release testing. It is derived from the same antibodies and antigen used in the Cygnus EndonucleaseGTP® ELISA kit, Cat# F960. The reagents are intended to monitor the optimal removal of endonuclease impurities that could contaminate the product during the purification process. The antibodies have been generated against affinity purified endonuclease. This highly sensitive Reagent Set, developed with these antibodies, is accurate, sensitive, and precise for detection of genetically engineered endonuclease from Serratia marcescens such as Benzonase® Nuclease and DENARASE® in samples throughout the purification process. The combination of the Reagent Set and Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox is optimized for use in Gyrolab automated immunoassay systems enabling generation of 96 data points in 75 minutes without manual intervention. The results are evaluated using Gyrolab Evaluator software.

用于 Gyrolab® 的核酸内切酶 GTP® 检测试剂套装旨在确定重组疫苗和病毒载体产品中是否存在核酸内切酶杂质。此试剂组应与 Gyros Protein Technologies 提供的 Gyrolab® Bioaffy™ 1000 HC 检测工具箱结合使用。这种简单易用且高通量的检测方法有助于优化纯化过程开发、过程控制、常规质量控制和产品放行测试。它源自 Cygnus EndonucleaseGTP® ELISA 试剂盒 Cat# F960 中使用的相同抗体和抗原。这些试剂旨在监测在纯化过程中可能污染产品的核酸内切酶杂质的最佳去除。已经产生了针对亲和纯化的核酸内切酶的抗体。使用这些抗体开发的这种高度灵敏的试剂套装准确、灵敏且精确,可在整个纯化过程中检测来自粘质沙雷氏菌的基因工程核酸内切酶,例如 Benzonase® Nuclease 和 DENARASE®。 Reagent Set 和 Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox 的组合经过优化,可用于 Gyrolab 自动免疫分析系统,无需人工干预即可在 75 分钟内生成 96 个数据点。使用 Gyrolab Evaluator 软件评估结果。

EndonucleaseGTP® Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab® (G960)

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G960 PI EndonucleaseGTP Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab

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